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        Organosilicon special fertilizer is a kind of targeted organosilicon functional fertilizer, which is mainly used to control various soil pollution problems and improve various special environment. Organosilicon special fertilizer is the first time in the history of fertilizer industry to combine organosilicon new materials with traditional fertilizer and soil conditioner perfectly!

        At present, organosilicon functional fertilizer is mainly divided into soil conditioner series, lobster omnipotent nutrient series and organosilicon tobacco special fertilizer.


        Organosilicon hardening soil activator

        Product features: the product can solve soil hardening at one time, quickly form soil aggregate structure, enhance soil permeability, promote the expansion of soil microorganisms, effectively decompose soil organic matter, activate various nutrient elements in soil, create a good soil ecological environment conducive to crop growth, achieve a substantial increase in crop yield and restore the original ecological taste of agricultural products.

        Usage and dosage

        According to the specific conditions of soil and cultivated crops, it uses 50-75kg/mu. After spreading, rotary tillage is used to irrigate the water, and planting is carried out when the soil moisture is suitable.Continuous use of organosilicon functional fertilizer conventional products as topdressing,it can keep the soil from hardening.


        Organosilicon passivator for treatment of heavy metal contaminated soil

        Product features: This product combines scientific fertilization with farmland heavy metal pollution prevention and control for the first time. One time fertilization can improve soil fertility and fertilizer utilization rate; Adjust the pH value of soil to neutral, passivate the activity of heavy metals in soil, inhibit the absorption and transportation of heavy metals by crops, without side effects.

        Usage and dosage

        According to the specific conditions of soil and cultivated crops, it uses 50-75kg/mu. After spreading, rotary tillage is used to irrigate the water, and planting is carried out when the soil moisture is suitable. Continuous use can keep agricultural products up to environmental standards.


        Organosilicon conditioner for saline alkali soil treatment

        Product features:

        1.The soil physical properties of the tillage layer are significantly improved, the soil bulk density is reduced, the soil porosity is increased, the soil aggregate structure of the tillage layer is more reasonable, the soil ventilation condition is improved, and the reproduction of beneficial microorganisms is promoted;

        2.After the formation of granular structure, the capillary structure is improved, the rise of saline groundwater is hindered, and the degree of salinization in the cultivated layer is reduced,the salt content of plough layer decreased obviously;

        3.Irrigation water or rain water is easy to infiltrate and take away the surface salt. The soil salt content in the plough layer decreased significantly, reaching the tolerance range of crops;

        4.Regulating the transformation of soil pH to neutral can activate soil mineral nutrients, activate soil enzyme activities, stimulate crop growth factors, and improve salt and cold resistance of crops;

        5.It can absorb and maintain water, and solve the "physiological drought" caused by too much salt. It can significantly improve the emergence rate and seedling survival

        rate, and create a good environment for crop growth.

        Usage and dosage

        According to the specific conditions of soil and cultivated crops, it uses 50-75kg/mu. After spreading, rotary tillage is used to irrigate the water, and planting is carried out when the soil moisture is suitable. Continuous use can keep the soil from returning alkali and ensure the normal growth of crops.


        Organosilicon conditioner for acid soil treatment

        Product features:

        1. It has super buffering ability and can adjust the soil pH to neutral;

        2.It has a high cation exchange capacity, and can adsorb free Fe2+、Al3+、Mn2+ forms internal complex and reduces the harm of free Fe2+、Al3+、Mn2+;

        3.Because of strong soil affinity ,it can promote the formation of soil aggregates, improve soil ventilation and promote the reproduction of beneficial microorganisms;

        4.It can activate soil mineral nutrients, promote crop root growth, improve crop stress resistance.

        Usage and dosage

        According to the specific conditions of soil and cultivated crops, it uses 50-75kg/mu. After spreading, rotary tillage is used to irrigate the water, and planting is carried out when the soil moisture is suitable. Continuous use can keep the soil from acidification and ensure the normal growth of crops.


        Organosilicon lobster omnipotent nutrients

        This product contains 50% organic matter, 12% nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium and other nutrients, which is conducive to lobster growth and normal shelling.

        Product features:

        1.It can effectively inhibit the growth of moss.

        2. Keep warm with fertilizer and water. In order to prevent the lobster from frostbite and death under the low temperature in winter, it is necessary to enhance the light permeability of the water body, maintain the water temperature, and ensure the healthy growth of the lobster.

        3.Regular use can effectively eliminate acidification, heating and stratification at the bottom of lobster pond, and create a good ecological environment at the bottom of shrimp pond.

        4.It can promote algae reproduction, make the water rich in nutrition, provide natural oxygen source and natural anti stress protection for lobster.

        Usage and dosage

        Each time 5-10kg/mu (667 m2, water depth 1 m), evenly spread after dilution, if there is moss, please spread on the moss surface.


        Organosilicon lobster omnipotent nutrients (top version)

        This product contains 50% organic matter, 12% N-P-K, 8% organosilicon, calcium and other nutrients.

        Product features:

        1.It can effectively inhibit the growth of moss and prevent the damage of moss to lobster.

        2.This product contains 50% organic matter, 12% nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium and other nutrients. It has long-lasting effect in low temperature. It can cultivate plankton, provide natural bait for shrimp fry, effectively improve photosynthesis, increase water temperature, prevent lobster from freezing to death or injury in low temperature weather, and make lobster grow healthily.

        3.Regular use of this product can purify water quality, improve the environment at the bottom of lobster pond, eliminate acidification, fever, stratification and other problems at the bottom of pond, improve immunity, reduce the occurrence of diseases, and maintain a good ecological environment at the bottom of pond.

        4.This product contains a variety of nutrient elements, can increase the calcium content of water, promote lobster shelling, fast growth, and effectively promote the propagation and growth of algae, so that make the water rich in nutrition, provide natural oxygen source and anti stress protection for aquaculture water and lobster, improve the quality, and put on the market early.

        Usage and dosage

        2.5-5kg/mu (667 m2, water depth 1 m) each time, evenly spread after dilution, if there is moss, please spread it on the moss surface.


        Package specification: 25kg/bag of soil pollution control conditioner; 5kg/bag of lobster omnipotent nutrient series.



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